ABSOLUTE – McLaren 570S / 570GT / 600LT Racing Intercoolers



Reduce intake air temperatures and prevent heat soak for sustained performance from your McLaren through upgraded intercoolers from Renaissance Speed.


Fits all McLaren 570S / 570GT / 540C / 600LT vehicles


  • 100% Bolt-on, No modifications needed
  • 100% Made in the USA from 3003 aluminum alloy and pressure tested to withstand an extended 3 bar of boost
  • Integrated 1/8” NPT methanol injection ports to support high horsepower builds
  • All factory style ports and connections for OEM like fitment
  • 1 piece, TIG precision welded (versus factory bolted 3 piece unit) prevents failure points
  • Best in class, high strength bar & plate cores (versus factory tube & fin) for maximum efficiency
  • Less than 1 psi pressure drop
  • Dual pass design increases pressure reducing small air pockets which can cause hot spots


High performance upgraded water intercoolers for racing or street use developed through extensive testing on the Renaissance Speed record setting 1,040 WHP MP4-12C! Proven performance gains for peak results. Lowers intake air temperatures (IAT) significantly which creates denser air for better performance. Upgraded intercoolers also reduce common heat soak issues at any speed including idle.  These are a perfect solution for builds with larger turbos to maintain performance for repeated pulls while maximizing efficiency which can make all the difference on the track or drag strip.

This is also a preventative maintenance upgrade as the factory cooling system can leak over time and cause issues anywhere from mild to catastrophic – which is what lead to the initial design of the Renaissance Speed intercoolers along with the pursuit of sustained performance. This upgrade is also recommended to anyone upgrading downpipes as they need to be removed for installation, saving you on labor.



When failure of our stock MP4-12C intercooler prompted replacement – and with the goal of 1,000+ WHP on our mind – our history of crafting solutions where they didn’t exist lead to the creation of our premium intercoolers. There is limited space in which to craft an upgraded unit due to tight clearance restrictions and the need to maintain access to components like spark plugs. Renaissance Speed focused on building the very best bar and plate core style intercooler which is more efficient than the factory tube and fin style intercooler. Billet and metal printed options were considered but as the intercoolers are hidden from view this would not enhance aesthetics – only increase cost, weight, and complexity for no added performance. Crafting our intercoolers 100% in the USA with precision machinery gives us control over build quality with each intercooler being pressure tested before receiving our seal of approval to ship to you. NPT injection ports were added to support methanol injection – which we found to be a necessity at higher power levels. After thorough testing and lots of abuse on our record setting MP4-12C we’re proud to offer the first and the best choice for your upgraded intercoolers!



Dyno testing was done on our 1,040 WHP MP4-12C. Along with DynoSpectrum were able to capture logs during a dyno session which spanned several days and over 40 pulls; many of which were 180 mph runs. The car was strapped down for 8 hours of continuous testing. Ambient temps were in the 75-78 deg °F range. We saw consistent idle temps of 79 deg °F  – an increase of only 1 deg °F after a wide open throttle pull at over 8,000 rpms without any methanol! After a wide WOT pull a 4 deg °F increase in temps registers from heat soak. However, within only 10 seconds the IATs are back down to the baseline of 79 deg °F.  The second run in a row tells a very similar story attesting to a minimal IAT increase and super fast recovery times thanks to Renaissance Speed intercoolers. Normally, recovery times are measured in minutes – with our intercoolers the difference is realized in seconds!