Every day is an opportunity for us to further McLaren performance and we’ve been pushing the limits and setting records for years.

We lead by example and our history is defined by our work – not words. We’re not a marketing company, we’re manufacturers of solutions. While this is only the beginning for us, we invite you to learn how we began and how we learned to be masters of McLaren modification.



McLarens speak to us. Their cars are and always have been technological and aesthetic inspirations. In 2015 we started our mission to make a masterpiece of machinery – but first we needed to get it home…

Nothing remains stock – we immediately installed aftermarket downpipes and an ECU tune to wake up the beast. Immediately we started to find and analyze some shortcomings – including heat soak during long spirited drives.



Nothing remains stock – we immediately installed aftermarket downpipes and an ECU tune to wake up the beast. Immediately we started to find and analyze some shortcomings – including heat soak during long spirited drives.

OCTOBER 2017 - MAY 2018

We were the first to find the limits of the stock 3.8L and after a new tune with even higher levels of torque, managed to bend the stock rods. This event is the catalyst behind our first engine build and kicked off a year journey to unlock the secrets of the M838T.

We made the decision to bolster the internals with high end pistons and rods to support our quest for quad digit power levels. Our Paulter Rod design will handle over 250 horsepower per cylinder!

The engine went together smoothly and upon first fire up, ran perfectly!


With the new built engine / PURE800 setup broken in, it was time for a dyno tuning session at AMS Performance.

End result: 699 rwhp / 629 ft-lbs of torque.

With a heightened launch control setting of 3,500 rpms and with our raised power level, we found the limit of the stock clutch at Atco Dragway. At full boost the car would experience a “clutch overheat” error and cut power momentarily. This forced us to manually leave the line at 2,000 rpms, which ruined our ET with our best 1/4 mile time being a 10.8 @ 136 mph. Thankfully, we had been working with Dodson Motorsports to design an upgraded clutch setup.

JANUARY 2019 - APRIL 2019

It was time for larger turbos, more power, and more records.

MAY 2019 - DECEMBER 2019

Doing routine maintenance, we discovered that our stock water intercoolers were leaking coolant into the air stream. As such, catastrophic failure and hydrolocking were possible. With the goal of 1,000+ WHP on our mind and our history of crafting solutions where they didn’t exist – we crafted our own premium intercoolers.

Renaissance Speed focused on building the very best bar and plate core style intercooler which is more efficient than the factory tube and fin style intercooler. Available now, here.

To achieve our mark of 1,000+ WHP we sized up turbos yet again to BorgWarner EFR7163’s.

We officially switched over to DynoSpectrum from our friends at AMS Performance. DynoSpectrum remote dyno tuned our car to 958 WHP / 760 ft-lbs of torqueanother world record! We had found the limits install upgraded fuel pumps and higher MAP sensors for even more power.

Having found the limit of our current MAP sensors – we quickly upgraded them. Bring on the boost. ​We went back to P1 Performance for another dyno session. Fighting traction, the car put down another world record – 1,003 rwhp!

We connected with the talented team at DW Solutions for a DWS1000 fuel pump upgrade to flow enough race gas to support our lofty power goals!​

Went back to the dyno with DynoSpectrum and broke the world record (without nitrous) of any McLaren:

JANUARY 2020 - MAY 2020

We are pleased to announce that Renaissance Speed is the EXCLUSIVE McLaren dealer for Forgeline’s new competition Beadlock wheels. 17″  GSR1 with MT Street R tires are 18.5 lbs lighter per wheel over our stock setup with R888R! This is 37 lbs savings of unsprung weight in just the rear alone! Adding a GSR1 Skinny setup yielded an additional 30 lbs of weight savings!

In conjunction with Pure Turbos we crafted billet aluminum fuel rails for McLarens engineered to support up to 2,000 WHP! These precision manufactured bolt-in rails offer flexibility in functionality and consistent fuel delivery for guaranteed performance.

We fabricated a custom top exit titanium exhaust to shorten the exhaust tract and reduce engine bay temperatures –  a unique exhaust for a unique McLaren!

To maximize power and reliability we worked with CP Pistons to craft a forged piston light enough to endure 9,250 rpms to match our ABSOLUTE McLaren CNC Race Cylinder Heads. Besides the lateral gas ports and undercrown milling, we included skirt protection and ceramic coating to reduce operating temps under the crown. To connect the piston to the connecting rod, we selected thick 0.255″ tool steel wrist pins and had them DLC coated.

JULY 2020 - DECEMBER 2020

In our quest to solve the McLaren traction issue for high HP engine builds (1,000 rwhp+), we started developing our own Syvecs tuning program in-house. Complete with boost by gear, anti-lag, multiple map switching, boost scramble, constant logging, WiFi and Bluetooth access, and more! In recognition of our in-house tuning, we became the ONLY McLaren specific Syvecs dealer in 2021!

Renaissance Speed becomes the exclusive McLaren partner of Samco Sport in the UK. Initial feedback from the field informed us of intercooler hoses “ejecting” under high boost on the M838/M840 due to the factory hard rubber hoses being too stiff. Flexible 4-ply silicone hoses fix this issue and are made to our custom spec to support up to 40 psi of boost!

Bell Intercoolers is one of the few intercooler core manufacturers in the world. Based out of Texas, each intercooler core is made in the US to ensure the highest quality levels – a rarity these days. Most of our competitors outsource their intercooler cores overseas to reduce cost and maximize profits, at the expense of quality.

We have secured the EXCLUSIVE McLaren rights for Bell Intercoolers, the supplier behind our popular and effective Racing Intercoolers

Do you have a tune with higher boost levels? Are you sure you do not have any power robbing boost leaks? Never lose a race due to a boost issue again!

Our Boost Leak Quick Tester was developed specifically for the McLaren platform to ensure you do not have any loose clamps, torn hoses, or blown factory intercoolers. 

The only way to ensure you are running in top shape and getting the most performance from your tune, turbo upgrade, Racing Intercoolers, and other upgrades.  Each kit is rated up to 30 psi without signs of flexing or ejection.  Testing is easy – once the wheels are off and liners are removed, you can install the plugs within 5 mins for both sides with no tools!

Renaissance Speed is proud to launch our ABSOLUTE R&D and installation facility in the NYC metro area. Complete with a Dynocom hub dyno capable of 2,000 HP and 3,500 FT-LBs of torque – we’re prepared to try and reach those limits.

Looking for upgrades installed by your McLaren expert? Email us for information and to schedule an appointment.

ABSOLUTE | McLaren Billet Intake Manifold

Introducing our ABSOLUTE McLaren Billet Intake Manifold with “big bore” throttle body adapters, increased plenum volume, optimized runner geometry, direct port nitrous bungs, burst panel, fuel rails and more! Precision CNC milled from solid aircraft-grade T6061 aluminum billet, this intake supports 100 psi of boost and over 2,000 WHP.

ABSOLUTE | McLaren CNC Race Cylinder Heads + Billet Racing Cams

Our ABSOLUTE McLaren CNC Race Cylinder Heads will support over 1800 hp+ (w/ Stage II cam) and features precision milled CNC Intake and Exhaust ports, Ferrea SuperAlloy Intake and Exhaust Valves, PAC springs, titanium spring locators and retainers, bronze valve guides, oil seals, valve locks, hardened lash caps, DLC-coated finger followers, ARP hardware, and two billet lightweight camshaft options! Capable of increased redline up to 9,250 rpms, the completely revised valvetrain to allow for higher rpm+boost without valve float! Cylinder Heads are fully assembled in-house and available to be shipped, complete, to any shop worldwide for install.


Our MaxFlow 4″ Racing Downpipes are the largest downpipes available. With no other options available on the market able to adequately support exhaust flow beyond 700 WHP effectively, we knew we had to go back to the drawing board and design a set of downpipes made specifically for our 1,000+ hp ABSOLUTE builds. For those looking for the ultimate thermal solution, PTP Thermal Blankets rated for 1800°F (982° C) Direct Heat / 2500°F (1370° C) Radiant Heat are available.

Extract maximum horsepower while shaving 20 lbs and improving sound with our 4″ elegant x-pipe integration from our MaxFlow Race Exhaust and Downpipes!

New World Record: Our customer broke the McLaren M838 hybrid turbo world record on our new ABSOLUTE10 kit! His 12C made over 850 hp to the wheels on 93 octane (no meth) and over 1,000 hp to the wheels on race gas on a STOCK ENGINE!

Leveraging what we learned from our first engine design, we use Pauter 4340 Alloy Connecting Rods with optional Pauter Titanium Connecting Rods for even less rotating mass. These rods were designed to handle 250 hp/cylinder. For connecting rod bolts, we used the best bolt manufacturer and material: ARP Custom Age 625+. We also worked with ARP to make a main stud conversion kit from ARP2000 material. CP Pistons forged pistons are designed to withstand 9,250+ RPM. Besides the lateral gas ports and undercrown milling, we included skirt protection and ceramic coating to reduce operating temps under the crown.  To connect the piston to the connecting rod, we selected thick 0.255″ tool steel wrist pins and had them DLC coated. Mahle Motorsports VP2 specification was the best compromise for a street/race application bearing.  The VP2 also includes lead for the ultimate in embeddability, which is why we also chose it for our bespoke connecting rod bearings and thrust washers. The OE aluminum liners in the M838 and steel liners in the M840 have proven to be quite capable for a wet-sleeved design. However, as cylinder pressure continues to increase (higher boost, nitrous), these will undoubtedly begin to distort and leak combustion gas into the coolant system.  As added insurance, we decided to upgrade both liners to ductile iron. See the full details and blueprinting specifications here.

Yet again we push the limits of McLaren engineering. Our Nitrided Billet Steel Alloy (Heat-Treated) Crankshaft is precision machined to withstand a 35% Increase in cylinder pressure over stock crankshaft while being lighter than the factory 3.L unit! Shot-peened Billet Titanium Connecting Rods are 3 times as strong yet 3 times lighter than OEM!

These components are designed to support 2,000 HP and will handle up to 9,500 rpms making them pivotal for record breaking builds.

The only foldable, 100% bolt on race tow hook befitting an exotic supercar, precision machined from billet titanium specifically for the McLaren platform.  25% lighter than the factory tow hook and much more stylish. Engineered with FEA Analysis for 4:1 safety margin for longitudinal and lateral load and chamfered edges to prevent cutting tow straps. Not just a tow hook – a properly engineered, functional work of art!

Coming in first is a priority for us. We’re proud to be the top ranked choice organically (without paying for it) when searching for McLaren upgrades, especially to those seeking to build their engine!

As 2021 continues look forward to more innovations, exclusive supporting mods, and the release of our various power packages with potential from 700 WHP all the way to 2,000 WHP and beyond! Be the first to know more!

Before the rise of the new age McLarens - we were perfecting Porsche!


The Cayenne fit the bill for tackling winter conditions, towing, and every day driving duty with prowess and comfort. Before long we were pushing the limits in the handling and speed departments as well. We reached a pivotal point where off the shelf parts were no longer sufficient for our vision and got to work on creating our own “Cayenne GT2” with bespoke solutions.


We took the Cayenne to a dyno and put down about 715 hp and 760 ft lbs of torque at the wheels through all four tires. Compensating for AWD drivetrain loss, this was approx 760 hp and 815 ft lbs of torque. For comparison, this is more torque than the same year model Ford F-350! Effectively, this was one of – if not THE fastest Cayenne Turbo in the world! This was a good conclusion to the initial goal of creating a Cayenne GT2.

We built a beast to check all the boxes and to this day we still use it to tow our McLaren projects and occasionally surprise sports cars on the road course!